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Mission Statement

Ñukanchik Llakta Wawakuna is a group where we use the art of dance to educate by different branches as well as to strengthen our identity and most of all, the excellence of our first Andean immigrants' generation.

Wawakuna (children) not only focuses on the kids, but also educates the parents about their rights as immigrants and to remain proud of being campesinos (peasants) or indigenous.

Wawakuna believes in the importance of preserving our cultural identity. Wawakuna uses the tool of art such as painting, writing, dancing and singing to express our emotions, express the injustices occurring in the community, build leadership for parents and kids, and applying it as part of healing.

Our Community

  • Monica Avilés

    Monica Avilés

    Founder (Since 2012)
  • Viviana Astrid Peralta

    Viviana Astrid Peralta

    Co-Founder (Since 2012)
  • Danna Mendoza

    Danna Mendoza

    Outreach Coordinator (Since 2014)
  • Joanna Guillen

    Joanna Guillen

    Photographer (Since 2015)
  • Kevin Muñoz

    Kevin Muñoz

    Website Administrator (Since 2015)
  • Vilma Gonzalez

    Vilma Gonzalez

    Parent Coordinator (Since 2015)
  • Immigrant Movement International

  • Kichwa Hatari NY

  • BAGA Studios

  • Fausto Photography

  • Sebastian Cabrera Pantosin

  • Radio El Tambo Stereo

  • Family Band: Comunidad Andina

Our Founder

Monica Patricia Avilés was born in Ecuador and was forced to migrate to New York in 1997. The necessity of not being able to be who she is, impulsed her to educate kids and youth from the community.

Avilés believes in the importance of knowing where we come from in order to know where we want to go. Knowing the roots of our identity is important especially in cities like New York, a multicultural city.

Kichwa words like achachay (it's cold), arraray (it's hot) and chompa (sweater) did not sound right to the people around and from there, the investigation towards different class societies and cultural views in NY arose.

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